The Greatest Honor of All Lifetimes, was to be chosen as a Divine Channel and World Wide Representative of Dr and Master Sha.  

I have studied under this world renowned Tao Source Messenger, Miracle Healer and unconditional universal servant of humanity for over eight years. I have been blessed to experienced lifetimes of spiritual debt (karma) released through this self-chosen intense purification path. Each stage of success was honored by higher certification, greater service oriented responsibility and higher layers of miracle healing abilities. Each layer released allowed me to be a more pure vessel for heavens healing power to serve others with.  My teacher often repeats a little known heavens’ secret “To save a person’s life is greater than building a golden 7 layer temple.”   

As a Divine Channel and Miracle Healer, I now have the greatest privilege of all lifetimes; the possibility to save lives, reverse disease, mend pain, repair relationships and serve humanity in ways I could simply not have comprehended as a younger man. A beautiful sister in this field of service recently received these words from heaven. We are not selling, we are saving, Saving Lives - Love is our Service. Hope is our Product.

We are taught to never make promises. To create a healing miracle when people come to me after all else has failed is not easy, yet this happens weekly with far greater success than almost every modality you are already aware of.   Master Sha and all his worldwide representatives have a clear and undeniable 20 year track record of success.  Blessings can be offered to transform suffering related to physical, emotional, mental, financial, relationship or business.  Regardless of the condition, or circumstance let me be your first call rather than a lifeline at the end of a list of failed attempts.  I am honored to serve you.

Master Paul Fletcher
Divine Channel & Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Sha