Quantum University hosts annual World Congress of Integrative Medicine
this October in Hawaii


This year in October, Quantum University holds a special Hawaii event for health and wellness practitioners that want to learn the latest healing modalities and information available in the field of Integrative Medicine.

If you live in Hawaii, you can benefit from these hands-on workshops without having to travel to the mainland! Take advantage of presentations and workshops with innovative speakers covering many aspects of Integrative Medicine modalities right here in beautiful downtown Honolulu.

Quantum University has the unique ability to track the latest developments in Integrative Medicine before the rest of the world, and this year we have picked some very special presenters to share their knowledge with you to enhance your health and wellness practice.

Our founder Dr. Paul Drouin believes the field of natural medicine is changing with the advent of new and exciting healing technology. He chose pioneers of ground-breaking new modalities to come and share their discoveries with practitioners in fun and exciting hands-on workshops.

A strong trend is taking place with people seeking ways to take responsibility for their own health. They want to be more involved and empowered in their personal healing. This influx of new information will give you the knowledge to empower your clients to embrace and believe in their own healing process, making your contribution much more meaningful.

Each workshop is designed to present new ideas and ways of working that can be easily incorporated into a health practice, wellness center, or healthcare clinic.

Join Us at World Congress of Integrative Medicine takes place in Honolulu October 4th through 7th.

Seats are limited – Don’t wait to register!

To read more details and register go to quantumuniversity.com/world-congress/