Missing Teeth?

The Carlson Bridge® “Winged Pontic” replacement has got you covered. 69% of people ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one tooth, most visibly in the front.  

There are five ways to solve a missing tooth space issue. First, you may choose to do nothing, which often leads to other more involved issues such as gum defects and collapse of bite, leading to more tooth loss, jaw joint issues, or muscular pain. Or, you can have a removable bridge, “flipper or snap-on-smile” method and contend with the in-and-out of the mouth business related to their inherent ill-fitting nature, a temporary fix, at best.

Or, you could opt for the dental implant screwed into your bone topped off by a “crown.”  Only 8% of the dentists in the America use this method even after 20 years of attempting to get the dentists of the USA to buy into this approach through nationwide advertising.  Cost of most single implants runs about $4-6,000.00.  You will not be told about the time commitment for the surgery, care and maintenance costs for the implant after the procedure, or the downside such as bone rejection, implant infection, or breakage of the implant.

The fourth method is the traditional fixed bridge for a missing tooth, requiring radical stripping away of outer enamel, the “enamel peel” cutting method, which leaves one with a tooth stump, hastening its demise through gangrene.

We at Carlson Bridge Technologies, Inc. offer the “FIFTH” method that, in most cases, can be done in one appointment of about an hour and a half, at a fraction of the cost of any methods, other than the flipper, and requires little more than cleaning the support teeth surfaces and adhering the “Winged Pontic” into the space.

Take time to explore our “FIFTH,” and best, method (“5” is the Spiritual Way—the center of the numbers 1 though 9—the Middle Way) by visiting our sites and videos.  We suggest you Google or YouTube Carlson Bridge for greater clarity.  We are at the Kahala Mall, Island of O’ahu, Hawai’i at 808-735-0282. Email ddscarlson@hawaiiantel.net or visit www.carlsonbiologicaldentistry.com. Thank you! We at Carlson Bridge® Technologies, Inc Invite and Welcome network patients,
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