Intelligent Bioenergetics

My name is Kelly Nash Montone. I have been practicing Electro Therapy with an Acuscope and Myopulse for over twenty years. About four years ago, I became a certified  Microcurrent Electro Toxicologist. Using the most advanced technology and Eastern philosophy, the body is put in a state to heal, reenergize, and detoxify at accelerated rates.

By applying plates, probes and conductive electrolyte to acupuncture, acupressure, trigger points, and meridians energy can flow. Like a battery, our cells can be "recharged" and corrected in milliseconds.

The Electro Proscope scans and seeks damaged cells in the nerve or connective tissues. After stimulating the tissue, the artificial intelligent device captures the response, measures the response and sends a corrective signal until the cell resonates healthy. The vitality of a cell can increase and reproduce a vital cell- essential for feeling well, being well, living well.

“Every living creature is electrical in nature And that an imbalanced electrical system is the feature to many acute and chronic diseases,” says Dr. Steven Sinatra, Cardiologist.  It makes sense we are diagnosed electrically (EEG/EKG/EMG), but it does not make sense that the prescription is a chemical. We are bio-electrical before bio-chemical. When we are prescribed a chemical our body skips frequencies and doesn’t heal. The Acuscope and Myopulse use your bodies unique frequencies to communicate with the brain, thus transitioning to health more naturally.

This therapy relieves pain and decreases inflammation. It increases range of motion and flexibility. Accelerates injury and/ or outpatient recovery. The Proscope and Equiscope are classified by the FDA as class two medical instruments used to enhance any practitioner or physician. As of now the only place on island offering this service is at Upper Cervical Hawaii. If you are interested in Sales, Training, or Treatments contact Kelly. Mention this ad from Hawaii Wellness for a free demonstration.

Thanks for your patience Lori. Please let me know if there is anything else you made need.

Best Energies,

Kelly Nash Montone
Intelligent Bioenergetics
Microcurrent ElectroToxicologist
Technician and Trainer