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The inflammatory changes of acute exposure of the skin include erythema (sunburn), the production of inflammatory mediators, alteration of vascular responses and an inflammatory cell infiltrate. Damage to proteins and DNA accumulates within skin cells and characteristic morphological changes occur in keratinocytes and other skin cells. Therefore surely Emulin will help to protect us from damaging UV rays and the complex events that occur after cutaneous ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

This picture represent 7 pounds of fruits and vegetables. You would need to consume this amount DAILY to get even remotely close to the amount of #antioxidants and polyphenol compounds found in #Emulin and even if you could consume that many (which is highly unlikely) you would still NOT get all the benefits that come with taking EMULIN + daily. Emulin manages and #REDUCES your refined #carbs by one third and with this reduction comes a significant decrease in #inflammation. The number one root cause to most disease. 

LESS INFLAMMATION = better sleep + less pain + less cravings + balanced blood sugars + less anxiety + less joint pain AND SO MUCH MORE

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