Introducing the 28-Day ID Transformation.

You choose the flavor combinations and our team will put together your personalized kit that combines the very best protein shakes in the industry, with a natural weight management product that provides a boost to your metabolism and supports the preservation of your lean muscle mass, and an energy product that can give you the immediate boost that you need along with a sustained energy to keep you going throughout the day. When combined with your IDNutrition, you now have the total foundation needed to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals. - Designed by Jennifer Widerstrom “The Biggest Loser”

Now that you have made the choice to take The Challenge and transform your body, IDLife wants to make sure that you have the tools and resources to complement the unmatched nutritional products contained within the program. IDWellness is a HIPAA compliant online/mobile resource that allows you to set goals, track your nutrition and fitness progress, educate yourself on every aspect of health and wellness, and get a snap shot of the current state of your health. The best part is that this is all included as part of your IDTransformation package at no additional cost! You’ve made the decision to transform; now you have a state-of-the-art tool that will track your progress and results.

Create your IDWellness profile and track your progress. Then journal your progress so you can submit your My Story entry at the conclusion of your Challenge for a chance to win $500.

WIN $500 every month

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the results of hard work and dedication to a desired goal. At IDLife we want to recognize and reward those achievements and share them with the world. To do this, we have developed our My Story campaign that financially rewards people every month, simply by sharing their stories of transformation. To participate, simply take your before and after photos and send them, along your submission paperwork to