Stimulating the Body’s Natural Healing Process

How does it work?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) creates the optimal healthy environment your body needs to heal itself.

Breathing 100% Oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber dissolves the oxygen into your blood and plasma carrying many times more oxygen to areas that need it most.Resting in a reclining chair in the chamber you can relax and watch TV,read or take a nap during treatment.

Non Healing Wounds
Hyperbaric therapy reduces inflammmation and swelling, reducing pain and by bringing increased oxygen to the wound area it accelerates healing. Collagen production and the creation of new blood vessels(Angiogenesis) occur which are the building blocks of wound healing and improved circulation.Resistant bacteria ,Staph and Strep are prohibited from replicating in a high oxygen environment.

Post Radiation Side Effects
Patients experiencing complications of radiation for oral cancer including tongue,neck, jaw can benefit greatly from HBOT. Problems with dry mouth,difficulty swallowing saliva and food,skin breakdown can be improved with enhanced circulation to the radiated tissue.
A patient having Dental surgery who has had radiation to the head and neck should be considered for HBOT before and after tooth extraction. Prostate and Cervical Cancer patients that are experiencing difficulties post radiation with bladder and bowel problems greatly benefit from HBOT. This is covered by your health insurance if you meet criteria.

Stem Cells
Studies prove that a typical course of Hyperbaric therapy stimulates’your own stem cell production EIGHT TIMES!

Stroke/ Traumatic Brain Injury ( TBI) / Post Concussion Syndrome.......JOE Namuth
Reducing brain swelling (cerebral edema) after an interruption in blood supply is crucial to recovery, that is what happens with Hyperbaric therapy thus increasing the ability to recover.

Sports Injury
Professional Athletes have been using Hyperbaric therapy to recover from injury and accelerate recovery rates. This treatment can work for you too and has been shown to improve recovery during rehab and physical therapy.
Pre and Post Surgery......Cosmetic Procedures, Hip/Knee replacements etc
Using Hyperbaric therapy improves blood supply and thus reduces swelling, reduces bruising and risk of scarring and is widely used today by the worlds best surgeons.

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