What is Hawaiian Huna Kane?

Huna - “That which is hidden or not obvious. What is deep within or an inner knowingness”

Kane – “ The spiritual Essence and source of wisdom for the individual soul, higher self, greater self,
or super conscious mind”

Certified Practitioner Trainings are now available in Honolulu for the first time.

Huna Kane sessions help a person get in touch with counter-productive beliefs, thoughts or emotions which are ready to be brought up, learned from and then finally and fully released. Huna Kane is a new way to feel based on better choices, feelings and beliefs can be accepted quite easily.
Thoughts based on acceptance of truth begin to calm down and detoxify the body. The immune system’s own intelligence is activated. Better choices are easier to make about lifestyle or relationships. Actions and feelings become congruent with true peace of mind.

The conscious mind can only analyze problems, judge, criticize, try to figure it out and attempt to protect.  So Huna Kane initiates positive change in behaviors, beliefs and attitudes held emotionally and deeply within the unconscious mind.

According to the philosophy of Huna Kane, trauma and illness are merely negative thoughts lodged in the body on purpose expressing what is emotionally and unconsciously out of balance. When there is soul growth, transformation is automatic.

Huna Kane supports looking inside and finding answers deep within the emotional and physical body.

During Huna Kane sessions, we use the information from symptoms created by the unconscious mind to do personal inventory.

Huna Kane helps a person listen to their inner voice of truth. Once a person has this type of soul growth, there is a spontaneous paradigm shift. Old negative patterns resolve themselves. This is true spiritual healing.

When a doctor or a psychic healer does a healing for a person without the patient learning anything, then the concern is that symptoms may resurface.  In emergency situations of life or death these methods have their place. However, the patient may still be left lacking soul growth.

In Huna Kane, we focus on the lesson and the deep inner wisdom that needs to come forward and we take extra steps to make sure to elevate this learning to the spiritual level.

Spiritual or emotional healing predicates that everyone is actually whole, complete and perfect. All symptoms are only markers for soul growth opportunities.

Huna Kane supports a person to listen to that deep inner voice that holds all the answers. True and complete spiritual healing is possible. The mind and body can become clear, balanced and maintain health and happiness naturally and automatically.

Personal painful or traumatic memories or issues permanently transform into comfort, trust, faith, joy and happiness deep inside.  

After experiencing Huna Kane, old negative patterns, bad habits, and poor decisions melt away automatically.  Clients have reported that they can’t even remember the negative way they use to think or feel before sessions. In its place emerges a whole new positive attitude and inner pattern for success.

During Huna Kane Practitioner Trainings, students will actually experience personal emotional healing which will enable them to share their inner truth with others.  Trainings include a wide variety of effective emotional healing skills. Students will learn to create a powerful series of sessions unique to each client.  

This gives a Huna Kane Practitioner the opportunity to offer the same person unique sessions over and over again and build a rewarding professional practice while experiencing tremendous success personally.