Honolulu Neuroscience Clinic

is Hawaii’s most Advance Neurology and Sleep Disorders Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

Medical Director Dr. Michael Russo is Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and by the National board of Medical Examiners, and has been recognized by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as Best Army Physician.

We have Hawaii Pacific DEEG offices in both Honolulu and Hilo to treat patients by referral from their primary care providers for Neurological Issues, Sleep Disorders, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Hawaii Pacific DEEG has the VERY first and Only Dense-array Electro-Encephalo-Graphy (DEEG) system in the Pacific region.

Holter Monitor testing is used measures bioelectrical activity of the heart, blood pressure, rheopneumography, and pulse oximetry continuously over a period of hours or days while the individual performs routine daily activity. Patients that experience cardiac symptoms, neurological complaints, blood pressure fluctuations, breathing abnormalities, or that need to assess the effectiveness of medications may benefit from ambulatory ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

Uninjured, healthy individuals also may benefit from the services provided by Hawaii Pacific DEEG. The DEEG also can create a map of an individual’s thought patterns and cognitive processing capabilities. Using the map as a starting point, neurotherapy may then be applied to improve thought processing capabilities.

Monitoring procedures are safe and non-invasive.

Check your Brains health today… and re-train it! For those who value health, Hawaii Pacific DEEG provides the methods to achieve a healthier mind and brain.

We accept most insurance, including
HMSA, HMAA, Tricare, and Aloha Care.