It’s Not Just for the Young and Fit

Over the years, yoga has become increasingly popular and considered more mainstream, however, the idea of yoga can still be intimidating for some. When you think of yoga, what pops into your mind? For many, it’s the picture of the young and fit 20 year old doing a near perfect handstand. Although inspiring and beautiful, this very image keeps so many from trying yoga firsthand. There are a variety of benefits that yoga can offer someone, and you don’t have to bend like a pretzel to experience them. In particular, I hold ongoing, eight week class series for baby boomers and seniors that focus on healthy aging. Classes focus on yoga poses that are done lying down, standing up, and seated on a chair. Each class includes gentle stretching to help develop flexibility in the body, which is essential in maintaining range of motion as one ages. Classes emphasize slow, low impact movements to help improve strength and balance, which is beneficial in preventing unwanted falls. They also focus on calming the mind and body, with basic breathing techniques and guided meditations. This series is perfect for beginners or those new to yoga.
For more information on the Yoga for Healthy Aging series, please contact:'

Rachel Finch
(808) 469-0224