Healing Center Hawaii

Carolien obtained her certificate in Quantum Healing in “The Netherlands” and has been studying and practicing extensively since with much passion and her love for helping others.
She is a multi-dimensional healer and facilitator that works with the frequencies of pure and divine light and works with the Angelic Realm as well as the Fifth dimension and higher. Carolien works on a very high frequency with pure crystalline light and energy bodies from the higher heart area in order to break up any type of blockages. This could be emotional and/or physical issues, or removal of unwanted cords/cording.

  • Carolien Specializes in helping highly sensitive adults and children that might be labeled as having ADD/ADHD or Autism.
  • Carolien loves to help guide parents of sensitive children to understand their child better from a higher & spiritual perspective.

She likes to use different sound waves during her healing sessions. While this is very relaxing, it will also stimulate cellular memory to re-balance and harmonize the energy body and field around it.
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“Carolien shared her incredible gift of healing and insight to my teenage daughter’s extreme anxiety and depression that stemmed from back when she was only 3. My daughter is back in school getting amazing grades and most of all is happy again. No words can express how I feel about your powerful gift. I’m so blessed, so guided to see the truth. Thank you for sharing your powerful gift with me. Just to add I live in California, this healing was done over the phone and my daughter was back to school in 2 days after running away from home for a few hours. My daughter is back and safe and happy.”With much thanks and appreciation for all you do
— Denise, Los Angeles CA