What 10 years has taught us:

A note from Hawaii Hypnosis Center owners Beverly Craddock and Randy Hampton

When people hear that we are hypnotists, they are quick to ask questions or quick to run the other way. With hypnosis, people either are drawn to it or they question it. The people who are interested in hypnosis are generally open minded and eager to explore the power of their own mind. The people who question hypnosis, generally aren’t unsure about the ability of hypnosis to make changes to the mind, they’re unsure of what those changes might mean in their own life.

People don’t typically fear hypnosis - they fear what it will be like without an issue that they use to protect themselves. Take smoking for example. A smoker that is resistant to quitting is generally just fearful of how they will handle stress, boredom, or loneliness in the absence of their longtime habit. The same is true for most other subconscious habits from nail biting to anxiousness, emotional eating and insomnia. These habits develop to protect us and so the thought that hypnosis might help shed the habit can be scary. If a habit is designed to protect us, what would life be like without the protection?

Fortunately, we’ve been doing this a long time so we help people understand that hypnosis is never about taking away the protection of the mind - as most people have been trying to “overcome” their habits for many years to no avail. Hypnosis is about learning better ways to protect yourself. If we can help a client uncover the real reasons for the habit and help them find better protective responses, the subconscious will allow the habit to naturally subside with a more appropriate new protection to replace it.

Hawaii Hypnosis Center has spent the last decade helping people from around the world begin to change the way their mind interacts with the world on a daily basis. Check out our website, view our reviews, and give one of our experienced, caring, Master Hypnotists a call today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll explain everything. And we understand if you’re a little nervous about hypnosis. It’s not as weird as you think... but with an experienced hypnotist...it’s as powerful as you would hope. What have you got to lose?