The Carlson Bridge® Options

We have advocated for over 45 years, as avid champions of the principle "first do good" in health care, gentle methods. We have also for 27 years researched, practiced and developed the best procedures for repair or replacement of missing teeth without complicated, time consuming, expensive procedures. See

People are confused as to what path to take—root canal therapy for their infected tooth or extraction, traditional fixed bridgework mutilating teeth, removable partial bridges, or the costly, lengthy implants replacement systems. Most people are unaware of the simple, safe, effective, durable, and efficient alternative of our tooth replacement system.

Our approach employs composites of exceptionally high strengths—the proprietary Carlson Bridge® Composites—durability, toughness, and beauty for the construction of the "prefabricated false tooth.” All one must do is contour the “Winged Pontic" (the false tooth or teeth) to fit the space where the missing tooth is located and attach to teeth that will hold the tooth in place. This is done in one appointment at the fraction of the cost of all other procedures.

The innovations of Henry Ford in the 20th Century transformed transportation and today with the Carlson Bridge® “Winged Pontic” we are transforming dental health care in the 21st Century. You are invited to explore our site, inform yourself of our innovative strategies, and begin to recover your God given dental health and beauty. We are confident that you will see the precision and common sense of this approach. Thank you.