Awaken to your Lemurian legacy in half-day
or full-day experiences created just for you!

Create your own ceremonial experience with Karinna in the magical land of Lemuria that awakens and activates the Lemurian light within you on all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Choose all four phases of the Experience or any combination of the Lemurian ceremonies, meditations, readings and healing sessions to create a Lemurian Awakening Experience especially for you!
Your Mental Body: We begin with a look into your sacred blueprint for this lifetime and your original life intent in a Lemurian Astrology reading. Discover the tools you have to better align yourself, your relationships, your home and career to move into this next phase of your Lemurian Awakening.

  • Your Physical Body: Dedicate your sacred intentions and release what is no longer serving you in a Lemurian Signature Cell Healing® session to activate your blueprint and to awaken the additional chromosomes and DNA strands for ascension to a higher dimensional awareness.
  • Your Spiritual Body: Enjoy ceremonies and meditations at a secluded ancient heiau (temple) to awaken and activate your Lemurian Goddess Light. Travel back to Lemuria to meet with the Chancellor of Lemuria to discover your Lemurian Goddess color and embrace your Lemurian light essence.
  • Your Emotional Body: At a beautiful white sand beach, feel the beauty of Lemuria in a sacred baptism/water ceremony to create a portal of release, renewal and re-empowerment. Experience the rebirth of your Lemurian essence and a new awareness of what you would like to consciously create in your life.
“Our family’s trip to Hawaii was FABULOUS and our time with you made it extra special. I am so grateful to you for the beautiful ceremonies! The experiences have awakened me to a deeper level of empowerment, and it is all connected to the work that we did. Mahalo!”
— Traci in New Jersey